So, below is a copy of my resignation letter to my current place of employment.  Some names and places have been altered for the protection of those involved. :)   By the way, my boss is fully aware of my plans, but he needed something in writing just to have on file.  So I had fun writing this “serious” resignation letter.

“Dear Mr. Boss Man,

I, Sara ClassyMama, am by this letter informing you of my career plans now that I am a mother.  It is my full intention to stop working for a period of three months, starting at either the time my son is born or May 1, 2010.  In this three month period, I plan to pursue working from home.  If I am successful in this path, I will not be returning to working for The Office.  If I am unsuccessful in this path but Tim, ClassyMama’s husband, acquires a full time job apart from his business, I will not be returning to working for The Office.  Should both of these paths be unsuccessful, I would like to come back to The Office for part-time work, as I am currently doing.  I understand by taking more than the standard maternity leave time, I may forfeit my position in this business as it may become necessary to replace me.  I will not hold that against anyone or press charges.  Please accept this letter as my notice of leave.

On a less serious note, I have really enjoyed working for you!  As much as I enjoy being a lazy bum at home, I will miss working here!  You’ve been a really great boss and I am happy you bought the business!  See you in church!


Sara ClassyMama

Former Receptionist and Current World Dominator”

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